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Make Room for the Newest Technology in Sewer Repair

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Make Room for the Newest Technology in Sewer Repair

Sewer repair can be a costly project for homeowners. On top of the price of the new sewer system, the work to put it in will tear up landscaping and much of your yard. As underground pipes corrode or crack, you will need to replace them. If you choose the traditional way of repairs, it could mean high prices and a lengthy wait for someone to come and to the work.
Why not choose the newest way to replace problem sewer systems. The trenchless sewer and drain line repair uses the most modern technology and expertise to replace or repair your pipes. Simply put, our experts can do the work you need without tearing up your yard or property. This is a specialized, new replacement system that is easy and affordable. We use a subsurface method of repair and replacement that will not destroy or tear up property or roads.

Trenchless Sewer System Quick Facts:

• Minimal intrusion to your property and landscape
• Repairs can usually be done in less than a day
• Repairs and changes are permanent
• The Trenchless System meets all industry regulations and standards
• Effective and new repairs save money for you
Is the Trenchless Sewer System right for you? If you want to know if our system can save money and time for you, check out these repairs we’ve solved in the past:
• Pipes damaged by weather (freezing temperatures and thaw)
• Problem sewer backups from pipes improperly installed
• Pipes cracked by house settling
• Blocked pipes due to roots or other debris
• Need of bigger water lines
How does the Trenchless Pipe Lining System save you money? Our minimally invasive technique, using such technology as sewer pipe lining (inserting a balloon filled with a type of resin that hardens and forms a pipe withing a pipe) and trenchless pipe bursting( which fills the old pipe with a substance that hardens and forms a seamless line while collapsing the old pipe) allow us to install or repair lines and cables with precision and correct placement on the first attempt. This effective new technology saves you money because it is quicker than traditional systems. You will also save the money of repairing landscapes after the job is complete.

How does the Trenchless System work?

• We drill small holes in strategic places on the worksite, where the old pipe is now located
• New pipe is manipulated through the old one, causing the problem pipes to break up
• The new line is seamless and resistant to corrosion or cracks
• The new pipe has been installed with no backhoe or digging
• The small holes are covered, and the repairs are complete.
Experts say that the pipes used in the Trenchless System are just as durable and long lasting as traditional pipes. While prices vary, a cost may be determined by existing pipes, the texture of soil or depth of sewer system. This type of system has been used in the industry for about 15 years, but many homeowners are not aware of this option.
So, don’t put off your sewer system repairs! The Trenchless Sewer System is the cutting edge technology to replace or repair your problem pipes. Don’t settle for the old way of repairmen digging up your yard or parking lot. Our experts can come in and do the work you need, and you won’t even be able to tell they were there!

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Guide to a Trenchless Pipe Lining

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Guide to a Trenchless Pipe Lining

The trenchless technology has fast replaced the traditional digging and replacement. It has positively transformed today’s piping since it’s a clean piece of technology that leaves behind a tidy environment after repair and increases the flow of sewer after installation. Pipelining especially has transformed the piping and facilitates not only smooth flow but ensures limited intrusion into the pipes and there is no calcification as well. In addition to this, it offers structural strength to the existing pipes and prevents root intrusion and as well as repairs pipes that were initially damaged.

Pipelining procedure

The most common pipe lining method used is the curled in place pipe. It just entails installation of another pipe alongside the already in place pipe. It is an easy way since no trenching is required and it takes less time when done by a professional. In as far as you can install the pipelining by yourself, it is advisable that it’s done by a qualified technician. All that is required is the camera; specially designed for the purpose since it allows you to view the underground pipes, cleaning equipment, the epoxy, to be used for pipe lining and installation tools.

After realizing the need for a pipe repair, contact the trenchless plumber in your area to do the repair. Steps involved include;

Assessing the damage. this requires the use of a fiber optic camera, it allows you to see the video of your pipes, and you identify the areas that need repair. It also allows you to assess the amount of cleaning that is doable on the pipes. Once the inspection is complete, two access points to the pipes are dug. This is determined by the amount of lining you want to be done on the pipe and intervals that the equipment can go underground without interruption to allow quality work.

After assessing the work required. the plumber then begins cleaning the pipes in preparation for the lining. Cleaning is done to return the pipes back to their original diameter, by ridding of any calcification on the sides of the tube, or rust. At times, tree roots usually penetrate the pipes, especially where there are cracks, fixing the pipes before lining enables removal of the roots and any other intrusions. Hydro jetting the pipes ensures elimination of all intruders, while at times; pneumatic tools are used for the cleaning.

After cleaning the pipes the lining begins. your technician will help you come up with the right solution. Upon agreement on the solution, the desired length of the pipe lining is cut, a custom two-part epoxy is mixed and poured into permeate the felt liner. The now wet mixture is slowly pulled in place. The bladder is then inflated and curling starts. Once the epoxy lining has curled in position, the bladder is removed, leaving the structure as a pipe within a pipe. To ensure the job is well done, a camera inspects the job to ensure satisfactory work as well.

When repairing the pipes, ensure you work with children out of site, they could tamper with the equipment and at times get injured in the process. It is also appropriate that the work is done by a qualified technician, this will minimize the price you have to pay to repair the pipes or re-installing since poor work was done. Specialists are readily available; search them from the internet, to get the one nearest to you. You could also get a recommendation from one of the stores selling seamless pipes, including online sales. A neighbor or a friend who had their pipes repairs or newly installed can give you a recommendation to a well-qualified technician.

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Getting the Right System for Your Trenchless Repair Company is Important

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Getting the Right System for Your Trenchless Repair Company is Important

In any business, it is important to have the right equipment to carry out business operations. Having inadequate equipment can leave any business at a great disadvantage. If you want to outperform your competition, you’ll need to know that you can meet, and exceed, your customers’ needs, and provide outstanding service to them consistently. Because you’ll be providing services in a variety of situations, you definitely need to have not only equipment that will serve your purposes and needs, but also equipment that is reflective of the latest developments in the industry.
This is why getting the right system for your trenchless sewer repair system is important to not only for serving your customers’ needs, but also for remaining a healthy company that will be able to meet financial obligations and remain in business for years to come. Making the wrong decisions on which equipment is needed can bring financial disaster to a company, including established ones.

There are many different systems available to choose from, and finding the right one for your service area is important. There are many different systems. These systems are designed to be used in various types of soil, in close proximity to other utilities (gas, electric, and cable services), and with a wide assortment of various types of standing subterranean structures. Your business is much more than simply laying and installing new pipe – you also need to know about the surrounding soil and its composition, underground structures and their state of deterioration, and much more. When you cannot find out the details of these variables, and no two jobs are ever the same, your equipment can be damaged, the property you are working on can be damaged, and the materials you are using to complete the job can also be ruined and made unusable.

The tearing up of a family’s backyard or business property, such as their parking lot, can create unnecessary hardships, and earn your company a bad reputation. Increasing the amount of time required to complete the job is more than just bad business practice. It can force your customers to deal with unnecessary situations that should have been thoroughly considered and thought out beforehand instead.

Our company knows which types of equipment will work best with your existing tools and systems. We have the expertise that you need to increase your effectiveness in serving your customers. This will help build your reputation for being a fast, efficient, and thorough company in your area, and help propel you toward a leadership position in your local area.

We know what you need to build your trenchless business, and to ensure that you have the tools, equipment, and systems when you need them most. We have the information you need to dramatically increase your marketability and improve your customer satisfaction rates. We know what you need and can also provide your employees with the training required to not only run your new equipment but also maintain it, helping to ensure that it lasts. Call us for a consultation about which combination of our systems is the right system for your trenchless repair business.

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How Pipe Bursting Technology Works

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How Pipe Bursting Technology Works

Pipe bursting is a leading trenchless method of exchanging underground pipes. This method involves fracturing a pipe from the inside and forcing fragments outwards while sliding a newer pipe to replace the existing pipe. This trenchless pipe bursting machine breaks the existing pipe when it pulls the bursting head through the existing pipe, splits the existing pipe and when it pulls the new pipe inside. There are several types of pipe bursting systems, which includes static pull systems, hydraulic expansion, and pneumatic system.

Natural gas pipes, water mains, and even sewer lines can be replaced without even excavating the surface under this modern pipe bursting technology. It takes into consideration, near surface utilities, pavements and other structures that might get damaged in case of a dig. Both residential and commercial customers are able to save money and time on water main renewal and sewer line repair & replacement with pipe bursting methods done by a skilled trenchless plumbing contractor.

The following are the main steps and procedures to be followed when pipe bursting:

Dig until you expose the underlying lateral pipe that is responsible for connecting personal properties to the main sewer line found along the street.

Create a connection between the main sewer and the laterals using a temporary pipe.

In order to allow the traffic to still use the street, shore excavated material and leave it covered with a steel plate. This steps might take a week or even more per block.

Dig a shaft for insertion of about twenty feet in length and 4 to 6 feet in width.

Make sure you have welded sections of the black plastic pipe a day before you carry out pipe bursting in order to make a single and block-long pipe. This long section, when left by workers at the curb overnight, can bock driveways.

Insert a bursting head, conical in shape, into the older pipe and then place new pipe behind the bursting equipment so that it is inserted. This could block one or even more driveways and intersections for very many hours.

This bursting head then moves forward, shattering the older pipe and then then forcing fragments of the shattered pipe into the surrounding soil.

Then push or pull the newer pipe into place making sure it is right behind the bursting head. This might take a few hours for each block.

When the new main sewer has been put into place, crews should make lateral connections, temporary one sin this case, to the new pipe. This will make the sewer fully operational.

During the few days, workers should create lateral connections that are permanent, do temporary paving, and carry out backfilling of the lateral trenches

There are several equipment in the market, designed for pipe lining. However, the Perma-linerTM (PLI), considered the leading manufacturer and also supplier of equipment for trenchless pipe lining, has the best equipment for pipe lining, that are also user friendly.

Make sure you follow the above steps strictly as they have been listed. You can also find more information on pipe bursting technology through www.portlandoregon.

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Want to Call Your Residential Plumber in Northridge, CA? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

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Do you want to call you are residential plumber in Northridge, CA? Here are reasons why you should. The most obvious reason is that you have a problem with your plumbing system that is not going to go away. After all, you can’t really use your home the way you would like to use it if drains are backing up all over the place and you have a couple of feet of water standing in your backyard. Any of these situations virtually guarantee that you have to call a plumber. Of course, those aren’t the only reasons you should call one. If you get the urge to unclog a drain on your own by pouring drain cleaner down it or something similar, you would be much better off to call a plumber instead. You should also call one to make sure that everything is operating smoothly. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you want to know more about these reasons, keep reading. Each of the reasons will be explained in Greater detail in the paragraphs below.

Residential Plumber (more…)

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No Matter Your Location in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Sewer Inspection Is Crucial

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No Matter Your Location in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Sewer Inspection Is Crucial
If one stops to think about it, the sewage is undoubtedly an important aspect of any house. That’s why it’s extremely important for it to obtain regular maintenance regardless of the age of your home or where it is located in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Sewer inspection can aid in fixing any present issues, as well as in always keeping it in perfect condition. By conducting an inspection every year, you would be able to avoid future matters that could arise due to a variety of different things.


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Facts Every Own Homeowner Should Know About Bakersfield Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Facts Every Own Homeowner Should Know About Bakersfield Trenchless Sewer Repair

As a homeowner, issues underground seem like they are somethinng that won’t happen to you until they happen. You go about your daily routine not knowing what may be brewing underground. Little things may come about within the home that may be giving you a hint of what may be happening underground. Drainage issues in the kitchen and/or bathroom(s), toilets making unusual noises and not flushing properly, and/or standing water in the basement, can all be key signs that there are problems going on beneath the ground. (more…)

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An Insight Of How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

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An Insight Of How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

The molds around your faucet and on the bathtub will tell you it’s time to clean your bathroom. But what about the pipes underneath your house? They hold the household plumbing right? How do you replace them and keep them in a good condition? If you are looking for the best and the most convenient way to replace your buried pipes like water, natural gas or sewer without having to mess up the entire system then you need to consider trenchless pipe bursting. Not only is it fast but also lasts longer than the conventional methods.

What is pipe bursting?

This is a trenchless method of changing buried pipelines without necessarily digging up trenches like in the traditional replacement. This method is not as complicated as most people perceive it to be. Here is a look at the different types of bursting methods and how they work.

Hydraulic pipe Bursting

This type of bursting makes changing ductile iron and steel possible. It can also be used for pipes made from various materials. Normally, this course is done from manhole to manhole. It fragments the line from the inside by making use of a bursting head that’s expanded. The head expands to crack the pipe. It contracts so that the winch can pull the line forward. This method is normally used for online replacement of gravity and sewer pipelines that range from 6 inch to 20 inch in diameter.

Static pipe Bursting

If the water and gas pipelines are made from steel and iron, then this becomes the most appropriate method. The horizontal winch used in this method acts as a high-powered Hydraulic jack. This pipe replacement works with pipes ranging in diameter from 4 to 48 inches.

Pneumatic pipe Bursting

The pneumatic bursting head that has a properly sized expander makes this method popular. The head acts as a jackhammer to break the old pipes to replace the void with new ones. The head is normally guided by a winch. This is the common course used to replace pressure pipes and gravity pipes that range from 4 to 54 inches in diameter. There are millions of pipes replaced every year with this method since it doesn’t need any major surface preparation.

Lateral pipe Bursting

There is a steel cone that’s normally pulled through an existing line in lateral bursting. If the project at hand requires small pipes of 4 inch in diameter or if there are multiple beds involved, this is the method to go for. There is also another type of bursting that uses an impacting rotary device. It grinds the old pipe and upsize it without damaging any utilities.

That’s how trenchless pipe bursting works. It is important to understand that this method can be used for almost all types of pipes available in the market including polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, steel, clay, ABS styrene, asbestos cement cast-in-place and reinforced concrete and cast iron. Concrete and vitrified clay pipes are usually easy to burst. However, a reinforced concrete pipeline can be difficult to burst unless the right method is used.

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Why Home buyers Should Consider Sewer Inspection in Columbus

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Buying a house in the capital is exciting especially in Columbus which happens to be a historic city. Columbus is the largest city in the United States and the capital of, Ohio .Many homes in Columbus were built more than 20 years ago.

It is always advisable for Home buyers to consider Trenchless Sewer Repair Columbus before purchasing their dream house.

The sewer drainage transports cooking liquids, grease, cooking liquids, soap, detergents and water from the home. Over time the drainage pipes become slow or clogged and cause a lot of inconveniences at home. The best method of sewer inspection is the sewer camera inspection because it can reach even the curved places and corners.


Reasons for Home Buyers to Have Sewer Inspection

• To Avoid Guesswork
Sewer inspection gives home buyers a clear map of their drainage system. This helps them to avoid guessing the condition of the drainage pipes and knowing exactly where to repair.

• Cost Reduction in Repairs
They say ”prevention is better than cure,’’ Sewer inspection is cheaper than doing a sewer replacement. Home buyers should have their sewer drainage system inspected to avoid the costly price of Trenchless pipe repair and replacement later.

• Eliminate Roots
Plant roots tend to dig and grow further towards the water and nutrition source. A small leak in the pipes results to roots growing into the drainage pipes. This causes damage to the sewer pipes which later burst and flood homes with sewage. Home buyers should ensure the roots are trimmed before buying the house to avoid such situations.

• To Detect Breaks And Cracks
Plumbing and drain pipes can be broken, cracked or damaged by changes in the soil. This type of damage causes sewage or water leaks in drainage systems, or could account for excess water waste in plumbing systems. Drainage and sewage disposal systems may not work properly if there is physical damage to the pipes.

• Joint Problems Or Damage To Seals
Sewer inspection ensures that there are no joint problems. It checks if the condition of the joints, seals, and the connection is good. If there is a joint or problem, they are tightened to avoid leaks.

• To Avoid Clogs
Sometimes drainage pipes develop clogs. Build-up material inside the drainage pipes can eventually stop or restrict the flow of sewer water. It is important for home buyers to check for stubborn clogs in the drainage system to avoid blockage in future.

• To Make Sound Decisions
When home buyers first inspect the drainage system, they can know the condition of the house. If the sewer damage is too much or will cost a lot of money to repair, they can opt for another house instead of purchasing a home with so many repair expenses.

• In Case Of Remodeling
Home buyers may decide to do a remodel of the bathroom, laundry room or the kitchen. It is important to do a thorough sewer inspection to avoid water blocking or not properly draining causing floods in the house.

• Healthy Environment
After doing a sewer inspection, home buyers can live comfortably because they know the condition of their drainage system. They won’t live in fear of the pipes leaking or bursting.


After sewer inspection, home buyers will have the option of either removing clogs, realigning the sewer with a new liner, applying enzymatic cleaner, or having a complete replacement of the sewer.

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