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Types of Concrete Curbing Machines

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There is a lot more to concrete curbing than meets the eye. To ensure the right mix is applied on the high wear and high-stress point areas, and to get the right shape and finish to suit its purpose and aesthetic appeal, it’s important to have the right concrete curbing machine for the job.

Differences in Curb Wall Construction

The concrete curbing machine selected will primarily need to fulfil the requirements of the curb wall construction.

Curb walls for different purpose areas can have vastly different designs. Design of curb wall construction will depend on the primary purpose, which may be purely aesthetic, for traffic separation or for traffic access, or to assist in collecting and directing the runoff from storm water and debris.

Below common options for curb wall construction are explained.

Barrier curbs: A barrier curb may be a straight 90-degree square curb, or typically slightly angled at the top, or curved for aesthetics. These curbs are standard where traffic separation or boundaries are needed.

Dirt graded

Mountable curb: A slope-faced or mountable curb, is used when access by traffic is needed, a common example is driveway entrance curbs.

Curved Curb: Curved curbs can come in a variety of shapes, primarily for aesthetic appeal, but the curve may also be for mountable or stormwater reasons.

Stormwater Curb: A stormwater curb will provide a channel for rainwater runoff to flow into to drainage points.

Within these four basic groups, there are still a variety of sizes, shapes, and looks.

Most types of mid-range curbing machine will allow fitting of different shaped curbing forms to cater for a range of different curb wall construction types.

Not all concrete curbing machines are equal!

There are a variety of sizes and construction types for curbing machines.

A curbing machine could be a simple manually powered machine, most industrial machines are gas powered, and some, less commonly, may be electric.

A machine for small landscaping uses may be easily loaded in the back of a pick-up, or even a car boot, by one person. For small areas, manually powered machines may be sufficient. Inexpensive curbing machines for simple applications may have a fixed form, the inflexibility of the output is balanced by their simplicity and cost.

Large machines for roadside use may need a special purpose trailer or a truck for transport. The higher end machines will have far more versatility, advanced design, automation, and much higher output speed.


A smaller machine is designed for hand-mixed concrete, whereas a larger machine will be designed to accommodate a concrete truck with pre-mix.

A commercial curbing machine can have as many as 1200 forms, with extrusion speeds of up to 15ft per minute.

Ease of Use Curbing Machines

Older types of curbing machine sometimes required specialist training, while newer machines with complex automated design, the operation requires less skill.

Early curbing machines were simple ram type machines; however, they had many faults which required special techniques for effective application, and they had a great deal of wastage. Later machines include features such as the orbital ram, auger, and twin auger, with vibrating or self-feeding hoppers, to solve many of the early design faults.

Regardless of skill needed, for quality control, it is still vital that the concrete curb construction company has experience in the correct concrete application mix and use of any curbing machine type.

Choosing the Right Curbing Machine

Whichever type of curbing machine you choose, the important thing is that it suits the application. Decide what you need to do first, whether you need only one type of curb, or a range of curb forms, small or large jobs, then look for the type of curbing machine or concrete curb construction company that will suit the application needs.

Whether it is for roadside curbs or special purpose landscape curbing, a reliable concrete curb construction company will assist you in finding a curbing machine that meets your specific application requirements.

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Choosing a PA Halfway House: Tips You Need to Consider

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Choosing a PA Halfway House: Tips You Need to Consider

Substances do not just affect us for a certain period after we or our loved ones consume them, their impacts can last a lifetime for many of us. (more…)

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Organic Lawn Care Services and Maintenance Tips Without the Use of Toxic Pesticides and Chemicals

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Organic Lawn Care Services and Maintenance Tips Without the Use of Toxic Pesticides and Chemicals

Lawns enhance the beauty of your home exterior. however using harsh chemicals and pesticides to maintain them might lead to decaying and damage of your exterior beauty. the organic way of maintaining your lawn can increase the life of your lawn as well as enhance the aesthetics of your outdoors. organic lawn care services are the key to a healthy and happy outdoor where you and your family can relax. (more…)

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Home Safety Tips

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Home Safety Tips

We spend lots of time at home. However, with everything we do, we run the risk of injuring ourselves while carrying out various activities at home. Personal injury to ourselves or other people will be the most likely result of that. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer to secure compensation for your injuries. There are various factors that will increase the safety in the home to avoid such accidents from occurring. Here are a few; (more…)

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Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Event Service in Sydney

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Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Event Service in Sydney

The act of hiring an event service in Sydney, Australia is a very crucial step towards making your event a successful and creative one. Also, to hire an event service a lot of factors have to be considered like- Location and number of attendees. An event can either be a corporate, conference, awards dinner, rescuer launch, party and a press day. Also, an event can me hosted in a hotel, office or even a bar. It also depends on the amount of the attendees who are attending the event. So, these are the primary decisions which one has to take before hiring an event service in Sydney, Australia.

So the primary step is to go to all the search engines here to find the prospective venue, location and all those event venues which are different and popular enough to serve you with the best!

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Professional Remodeling Contractor Gives a Total Makeover to Bathrooms Lancaster Pa

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Professional Remodeling Contractor Gives a Total Makeover to Bathrooms Lancaster Pa

Professional remodeling, be it to any given space, will make a sea change in the room, house, office or wherever it is done. There is no doubt on this score. After the makeover, one can easily see the difference it has made.

Hence, like anywhere else, when it is done in a bathroom, it shows up as a new space altogether. For example, adding just a washtub into a washroom will uplift the entire ambience to another scale. This could be a permanent fixture or just a tub which has been placed in some space which was created for the purpose. In either event, it fully well does it function of changing the whole landscape in a big way.

Professional remodeling, via a remodeling contractor, also can bring in add-ons like a shower cubicle. This, too, gives a very unique touch to the washroom. If the shower area was an open one earlier and you have a cubicle placed in, the style quotient of your bathroom reaches new heights. Remodeling contractors are very good on the uptake when it comes to bringing in new nuances into even small spaces. You will be surprised to see what all they can fit inside what you thought was just a crammed little bathroom.

Then comes a change in the painting of the bathroom. Do it up with some different theme in it – like for example take fish swimming in the sea with some underwater weeds and plants floating in it. This picture, if painted on the walls of the washroom, will give it a brand new avatar. Likewise, you can come up with scores of ideas for painting the walls by going through the website of the remodeling contractor. It is their job to come up with something new and pretty and which soothes the senses.

Remodeling contractors, since they are here for this purpose, will certainly put in some chutzpah into your washroom space. However, before embarking on this endeavor, do budget your plans. Go in for remodeling only after you have allotted a given amount for this purpose. And do draw up a blueprint before the actual work begins. Do not get fooled into thinking that so and so will be the outcome of the process unless and until you have it down in writing from the remodeling contractor. You do not want to come in for a rude shock at the end of the work.

Professional remodeling is all about giving surprises. It is about making big things happen in small spaces where one did not imagine that such and such changes could have been incorporated. A remodeling contractor should draw up several plans for what you wish done to your bathroom, and then leave it up to you to finally select any one of them. Different shower caps, faucets, lighting in the bathroom, all are the smaller nuances of this process. One can even have small, attractive cabinets placed here and there in this space.

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An Insight Of How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

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An Insight Of How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

The molds around your faucet and on the bathtub will tell you it’s time to clean your bathroom. But what about the pipes underneath your house? They hold the household plumbing right? How do you replace them and keep them in a good condition? If you are looking for the best and the most convenient way to replace your buried pipes like water, natural gas or sewer without having to mess up the entire system then you need to consider trenchless pipe bursting. Not only is it fast but also lasts longer than the conventional methods.

What is pipe bursting?

This is a trenchless method of changing buried pipelines without necessarily digging up trenches like in the traditional replacement. This method is not as complicated as most people perceive it to be. Here is a look at the different types of bursting methods and how they work.

Hydraulic pipe Bursting

This type of bursting makes changing ductile iron and steel possible. It can also be used for pipes made from various materials. Normally, this course is done from manhole to manhole. It fragments the line from the inside by making use of a bursting head that’s expanded. The head expands to crack the pipe. It contracts so that the winch can pull the line forward. This method is normally used for online replacement of gravity and sewer pipelines that range from 6 inch to 20 inch in diameter.

Static pipe Bursting

If the water and gas pipelines are made from steel and iron, then this becomes the most appropriate method. The horizontal winch used in this method acts as a high-powered Hydraulic jack. This pipe replacement works with pipes ranging in diameter from 4 to 48 inches.

Pneumatic pipe Bursting

The pneumatic bursting head that has a properly sized expander makes this method popular. The head acts as a jackhammer to break the old pipes to replace the void with new ones. The head is normally guided by a winch. This is the common course used to replace pressure pipes and gravity pipes that range from 4 to 54 inches in diameter. There are millions of pipes replaced every year with this method since it doesn’t need any major surface preparation.

Lateral pipe Bursting

There is a steel cone that’s normally pulled through an existing line in lateral bursting. If the project at hand requires small pipes of 4 inch in diameter or if there are multiple beds involved, this is the method to go for. There is also another type of bursting that uses an impacting rotary device. It grinds the old pipe and upsize it without damaging any utilities.

That’s how trenchless pipe bursting works. It is important to understand that this method can be used for almost all types of pipes available in the market including polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, steel, clay, ABS styrene, asbestos cement cast-in-place and reinforced concrete and cast iron. Concrete and vitrified clay pipes are usually easy to burst. However, a reinforced concrete pipeline can be difficult to burst unless the right method is used.

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Why Home buyers Should Consider Sewer Inspection in Columbus

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Buying a house in the capital is exciting especially in Columbus which happens to be a historic city. Columbus is the largest city in the United States and the capital of, Ohio .Many homes in Columbus were built more than 20 years ago.

It is always advisable for Home buyers to consider Trenchless Sewer Repair Columbus before purchasing their dream house.

The sewer drainage transports cooking liquids, grease, cooking liquids, soap, detergents and water from the home. Over time the drainage pipes become slow or clogged and cause a lot of inconveniences at home. The best method of sewer inspection is the sewer camera inspection because it can reach even the curved places and corners.


Reasons for Home Buyers to Have Sewer Inspection

• To Avoid Guesswork
Sewer inspection gives home buyers a clear map of their drainage system. This helps them to avoid guessing the condition of the drainage pipes and knowing exactly where to repair.

• Cost Reduction in Repairs
They say ”prevention is better than cure,’’ Sewer inspection is cheaper than doing a sewer replacement. Home buyers should have their sewer drainage system inspected to avoid the costly price of Trenchless pipe repair and replacement later.

• Eliminate Roots
Plant roots tend to dig and grow further towards the water and nutrition source. A small leak in the pipes results to roots growing into the drainage pipes. This causes damage to the sewer pipes which later burst and flood homes with sewage. Home buyers should ensure the roots are trimmed before buying the house to avoid such situations.

• To Detect Breaks And Cracks
Plumbing and drain pipes can be broken, cracked or damaged by changes in the soil. This type of damage causes sewage or water leaks in drainage systems, or could account for excess water waste in plumbing systems. Drainage and sewage disposal systems may not work properly if there is physical damage to the pipes.

• Joint Problems Or Damage To Seals
Sewer inspection ensures that there are no joint problems. It checks if the condition of the joints, seals, and the connection is good. If there is a joint or problem, they are tightened to avoid leaks.

• To Avoid Clogs
Sometimes drainage pipes develop clogs. Build-up material inside the drainage pipes can eventually stop or restrict the flow of sewer water. It is important for home buyers to check for stubborn clogs in the drainage system to avoid blockage in future.

• To Make Sound Decisions
When home buyers first inspect the drainage system, they can know the condition of the house. If the sewer damage is too much or will cost a lot of money to repair, they can opt for another house instead of purchasing a home with so many repair expenses.

• In Case Of Remodeling
Home buyers may decide to do a remodel of the bathroom, laundry room or the kitchen. It is important to do a thorough sewer inspection to avoid water blocking or not properly draining causing floods in the house.

• Healthy Environment
After doing a sewer inspection, home buyers can live comfortably because they know the condition of their drainage system. They won’t live in fear of the pipes leaking or bursting.


After sewer inspection, home buyers will have the option of either removing clogs, realigning the sewer with a new liner, applying enzymatic cleaner, or having a complete replacement of the sewer.

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