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Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Approximately 80% of people check their smartphone before they brush their teeth. With a huge audience hooked to their phones, if you’re not marketing to people via their smartphones, you are missing out on engagement with your target audience. If you’re new to the world of mobile marketing, it’s time to look at some effective strategies you can use to capture your audience and increase traffic from mobile devices


Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

  • Know Your Audience

When it comes to mobile marketing, this means understanding which social media platform most of your audience uses. Are they using their phones to check Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? LinkedIn? You can waste valuable resources – think time and money – if you’re not reaching the right social media channels.


  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Keep it brief. Often when people check their phones for short periods – with so much competition, they have no time to waste. Without a user-friendly website, you will not attract the mobile crowd. To achieve a mobile-friendly website, ensure the site loads quickly, is easy to read and is simple navigate on any device. Try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to check if your website is going to make the grade!

  • Create Your Own App

Having your own branded application available on any device creates visibility. While scrolling through their Appstore – they’re going to see your brand. In turn, this means increased brand recognition and a direct way to market to your customers. Assure your Mobile marketing is meaningful, relevant and provides value; a great way to get started is to create or “mobilize” a reward program for your customers.

  • Don’t Forget SMS Marketing

You have a database of phone numbers and what are you doing with them? Engage in SMS or text marketing, as this is an extremely effective way to get brief messages out to your customers. You can share promotions, ask for feedback, send coupons, and so much more via a text message. While emails can often remain unopened and unread, people have a hard time ignoring a text message.

  • Create location-based services

Keep it local, keep it relevant. Location-based services offer users relevant information about products and services in the area. Also, this approach is highly targeted toward an audience most likely to respond to your marketing.

Develop your effective marketing strategy

If you’re not engaged in mobile marketing, don’t delay any longer. Today, successful marketing today involves a multi-channel approach, and that includes mobile marketing. When you adopt these effective strategies, you’ll drive traffic and sales.

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Top 7 Underwater Boat Lights for 2018

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Top 7 Underwater Boat Lights for 2018

Underwater boat lights aren’t just a great way to make your boat stand out at the dock. Many fishermen have discovered the added benefit of an underwater lighting installations, which draws fish, such as squid and larger targets that you can easily catch. If you want your wake to look more impressive, or you want to enjoy night swimming with friends and family, here are the top seven underwater boat lights for 2018.

The top underwater boat lights           

  1. The Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED underwater light

The SeaBlazeX LED provides a range of color output options in a quality solid bronze finish which will ensure the longevity of your lighting system when compared with other products. Available in a selection of colors – white, blue, green, and white-blue, users can select from either basic light, crossfades, or strobes to take their experience to the next level. Providing up to 4000 lumens, this option is sure to please.

  1. Jiawill CREE 60w underwater boat lights

The Jiawill underwater boat lights, finished in polished stainless steel, provide you with a long-lasting lighting installation. With shatterproof lenses, the lights are available in your choice of red, green, blue, or white. You can choose to install them on your boats transom or trim tab, providing greater flexibility. While slightly less bright than the Lumitec offering, it provides 2853 lumens across 12 Cree LEDs.

  1. AGPtek LED marine underwater light

A waterproof and shockproof design, the AGPtek underwater light is made of chrome plated stainless steel. Available in an impressive blue shade, the light is designed for two uses: either mounted with the wire directly through the transom or flush mounted with a spacer, which secures the light to the transom and then enters the boat above the water line. Composed of five high power 1w Cree LED lamps, these lights provide a full 180° viewing angle.

  1. Shadow-caster SCR-24 Round Light

The shadow-caster SCR-24 Round Light is specifically designed to provide quality LED light without having to drill through the hull. Housed in quality bronze, this light features a scratch-resistant lens and is available in a range of single or multi-colored options. With 24 LEDs in circle formation, one installation provides 7500 lumens.

  1. Go Green Fish LED pucks

The Go Green Fish LED pucks are another good choice if it’s important for you to maintain your original hull. The powerful 6000 lumens the LED provides can brighten up to 50 feet of clear water. Housed in stainless steel, these lights have been proven to attract a wide variety of fish. With an output of 6000 lumens, this energy efficient option only draws 6 watts per light.

Top 7 Underwater Boat Lights for 2018

  1. T-H Marine LED Underwater Lights

Unlike other offerings, T-H Marine LED underwater lights have been designed for use both above and below the water line. A more affordable choice for the budget conscious consumer, the T-H Marine can be installed either through a small hole or on a surface mount. Available in white, blue, or green and housed in stainless steel – this option is also great for trim tabs and T-tops. With six high-intensity LEDs in one fitting, the 180 lumen light is designed to create the appearance of a flood light.

  1. Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater Light

Housed in stainless steel, the Pactrade Marine Underwater light provides quality blue luminosity from a surface mounted LED that is best positioned 3” above the bottom of the vessel. Unlike other options, this light is dimmable, allowing you to control the intensity as you please. With a working voltage of 8-30v dc, wattage of 14.2w, and lumens of 156 led, you will be sure to enhance your experience on the sea.

Which option will you pick for your next underwater lighting installation? If you’re looking for maximum lumens and long-life quality components, it seems the Lumitec SeaBlazeX comes out on top.

Remember to have a professional service team wire the underwater boat lights as it is not a DIY job!

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