Top 6 Risks Of Using A Phone With A Cracked Screen

Using a phone with a cracked screen can be dangerous… Here are the six risks of using a phone with a cracked screen.

No matter how careful you are, your phone is prone to damages. The smartphone display is made of acrylic or glass, and breaks when you accidentally drop your phone or when it experiences a significant impact. We know how painful it can be to use a phone with a cracked screen.

There are so many productivity, functionality and health-related issues that can arise with the use of a damaged screen phone. It’s always good to get your phone’s cracked screen repaired as soon as possible. Why? Reading the below six risks of using a phone with a cracked screen will give you a perfect reason to get your phone repaired as quickly as possible.

#1 Protection Loss

Protection Loss

Yes, A phone with cracked screen means protection loss. The screen of the phone protects its interior components from the exterior elements that can potentially damage the device. For instance, people use a damp cloth to clean their phone’s screen, but that’s no longer advisable when you have a phone with a cracked screen. The reason is liquid can seep through the cracks, and that can lead to a short circuit inside the phone.

Do you own a water-resistant smartphone? If yes then a cracked screen will invalidate this protection.

#2 Eye Strain

Eye Strain

Latest smartphones come with HD or HD+ displays to offer the best viewing experience to the user. When the HD screen breaks, you will be left with literally an eyesore. The cracked screen areas will make it more complicated and challenging to look at the phone’s screen and view content. You will have to spend more time squinting to read articles and watch videos. A cracked screen makes it much more difficult to check the phone than it should.

#3 The Broken Screen Glass Can Cut Your Finger

The Broken Screen Glass Can Cut Your Finger

The screen glass is sharp enough to cut or injure your finger. The glass can even embed into your skin. Well, a single cut might not be a that big of a problem, but imagine the scenario when a bunch of tiny glass shards get stuck into your finger tips.

#4 It Can Easily Turn Into A Shattered Screen

It Can Easily Turn Into A Shattered Screen

Once your phone’s screen is cracked, chances are it will completely shatter if you drop it from even a minor height. For example, you just set it down on your desk, or it’s in your coat pocket and you slightly bump a door frame with your coat as you walk through — and suddenly the entire screen is cracked into many more pieces.

#5 Exposure To The Harmful Radiation

The IARC (International Agency For Research And Cancer) has flagged cell phone’s radio-frequency as “possibly carcinogenic to human beings.” Also, the American Cancer Society has stated that there is a need for more research and investigation to conclusively say that cell phones use poses to no health issues and risks.

So, smartphones are already giving off harmful radiation which is not good for humans. Once the internal systems of any phone get exposed through the screen crack, there could be a higher health risk for a phone user.


#6 Malfunctioning


You will have to understand that your phone’s broken screen won’t get any better over time. In fact, you will have to compromise on the touch screen’s capacity. Due to the cracked screen, your phone might take longer to respond to your finger gestures, or even worse; it won’t respond at all.

The cracked phone screen is also susceptible to finger oil, debris and dust working their way inside the cracks. And may further damage your phone over time.

So, those are six risks of using a phone with a cracked screen. If you are now looking for a repair shop where you can get the broken screen of your cell phone replaced – to prevent all the potential risks and health-related issues associated with the use of a phone with a cracked screen – then Visit Cell Clinic Repair Shop (in downtown Vancouver & Surrey BC) today to get the broken screen of your phone repaired at a competitive and reasonable cost. Cell Clinic uses only high-quality replacement parts so that your phone looks and functions as good as new after repairs. And all parts or harware repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

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